At Divine Beauty in Wimbledon, we provide waxing for the face and body. Waxing leaves your skin hair-free, smooth, and with no reason to shave for weeks at a time until your hair grows back. Using salon-brand wax heated to a liquid, waxing helps to remove hairs at the root, decreasing the likelihood that they’ll grow back as fast as they would with methods like shaving.

Waxing is a form of hair removal that can decrease the chances of ingrown hairs after treatment, leave you enjoying smoother hair-free skin for longer, and that thins hair growth with the more repeat treatments you have.


Our body waxing services:

  • Half leg
  • Full leg
  • Bikini line
  • Intimate waxing
  • Stomach
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Under-arms
  • Arms

Book your waxing appointment with our Wimbledon beauty salon, Contact Us today or call 020 8417 1121.


Our facial waxing services:

  • Upper lip
  • Side burns
  • Eyebrows
  • Neck


We offer efficient waxing treatments in Wimbledon, and our team of skilled beauty therapists are understanding towards sensitive skin and first-time waxing clients. We have created a space where you can feel comfortable receiving intimate treatments like waxing, and we want you to relax in our expert care. Waxing is very liberating for a lot of men and women, regardless of whether you have facial waxing or body waxing, and we are very happy to be able to give people confidence for their events, weddings, holidays, and day to day life!

Divine Beauty Wimbledon is a private beauty salon and day spa, so you will always receive high-end treatment in a confidential and comfortable setting. Contact Us to book your waxing appointment today or call us directly on 020 8417 1121 to find out our free appointment spaces.